Things Not To Say

.. in the #ubuntu-release-party irc channel on freenode.

  1. “Are we there yet?”
  2. “When is <insert_release_code_name> out?”
  3. “How many hours until it’s out?”
  4. “What’s the _exact_ time of the release?”
  5. “Has anything changed between the RC and release?”
  6. “Where is the best place to find out exactly when it’s released!?”
  7. “Give me the link!”
  8. “Canonical is in the Isle of Man, what timezone are they on!?”
  9. “Is the release time in GMT, UTC or BST!?”
  10. “The countdown thing says it’s out, but I can’t find it!”
  11. “(url) of mirror – they have it!”
  12. “Will KDE4 be in the release?”
  13. “But in my timezone, it will be Friday 25th!”
  14. “Why isn’t Mark Shuttleworth here?”
  15. “Is the version on the mirror, the real version?”
  16. “Can I upgrade to Intrepid Ibex now?”
  17. “C’mon guys, I’ve been waiting here all day to start the download!”
  18. “How long until Zany Zebra?”
  19. “Ubuntu sucks!”

Did I miss any?

Update: Seems I did:-

12:42:59 < Amaranth> Last minute update guys: We've delayed the release 6 weeks
12:43:11 < Amaranth> Please come back in 6 weeks for Ubuntu 8.06 LTS

For those that don’t know, there is a new release of Ubuntu out on the 24th April. The #ubuntu-release-party is a virtual place to hang out and chat in the lead up to that event.

16 thoughts on “Things Not To Say”

  1. “Can someone help me upgrade to Hardy from Warty?”
    “Forget the torrents – just put a wget on the server in cron to run every minute.”
    “Why wasn’t bug $X fixed?”
    “Why doesn’t it have $version of $package? It was released weeks ago!”
    “Where do I get the .exe?”
    “Hey, come join ##channel too!”

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