Launchpad to go Open Source by next OSCon

This from Joey Stanford..

“The #launchpad team leads just developed a roadmap to open source Launchpad by the next #oscon conference. Really cool stuff!”

No pressure there guys..

3 thoughts on “Launchpad to go Open Source by next OSCon”

  1. 1. Don’t you think it could be useful for a (private) LAN environment, or for corporate use? I mean, why not?

    2. I really like to have a look at the source code of programs I use. That’s what open source is all about (don’t confuse it with free software, please).

    3. Maybe they will one day make it open in the sense that anyone can contribute.

  2. Already, Canonical has released the code for Storm, which Launchpad uses to handle its SQL database; and CSCVS, which Launchpad uses to mirror CVS/Subversion trees to Bazaar.

    On July 22, 2008, Mark Shuttleworth announced, at OSCON, that the complete source code is expected to be released within the next 12 months.

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