Application Selection in the Default Install

The following video was recorded at the Ubuntu Lucid Developer Summit in November 2009. It’s a recording of a one hour session in which the set of applications delivered on the Ubuntu CD is discussed. This has caused some controversy amongst the community, and we are keen to get this video online as soon as possible so people can see what points were raised and decisions made. Enjoy.
Application Selection in the Default Install

7 thoughts on “Application Selection in the Default Install”

  1. Did anyone look at the Ubuntu popcon ranked by vote stats as part of the discussion as a way to quantify usage patterns for different applications?


  2. LOL. That Gthumb, Gimp, F-Spot, EyeOfGnome discussion is really funny LOL

    I wasn’t aware that such basic functionality isn’t covered by the picture viewer. How old Gnome2 again?

    My suggestion: Just include Gwenview 😉

  3. Thanks for the videos. I support removing GIMP from default install. If the default install was from a USB thumb drive or a DVD then that would be different.

  4. I’m pretty dissapointed that ubuntu will not ship one of the few programs that shows linux’s superiority over windows right out of the box. Gimp is one of the reasons to carry an ubuntu cd around and one of the strongest demo points. If the cd is getting small, why not offer a taskselect type offer to download functionality after a new install is actually on the hard drive? FSPOT would have even higher visibility there than hidden in the applications menu on the install disk.

  5. I really miss any decent discussion here about removing the GIMP. And by decent discussion I mean somebody who actually argues the point for not removing it…

    Removing such an integral application without having a proper alternative (and I’m sorry, F-Spot ain’t it) for something that is going to be used even less (ie. a video editor that is still by all independent accounts pretty immature) is really not a smart move in my eyes.

    And before I hear it again: This is not about accessibility of the GIMP. This is about the decision of removing a great app for very mediocre reasons .

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