Ubuntu is switching the default search from Google to Yahoo!

Those of you testing out the development version of Ubuntu Lucid should notice a change in Firefox very soon. The default search provider for new installations of Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) and upgrades will be Yahoo! and not Google. Canonical have struck a revenue sharing deal with Yahoo! which generates income for the company. This revenue should help pay the wages of Ubuntu Developers employed by Canonical, and support the infrastructure required to develop and build the distribution.

What it might look like

So when using the search box in the top right corner of Firefox on Ubuntu, you’ll be taken to a Yahoo! results page rather than the old default Google one. If you are upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 and you had Google as your search provider (the previous default) then this will change to Yahoo!. You can of course change the search provider, this is merely the default for Lucid. Doing so will mean your search revenue won’t go via Yahoo! to Canonical. That’s your choice, clearly.

In addition, the browser ‘start page’ – that is the page you see initially when you open the browser – will reflect whatever the default search provider is. So in the top right, if you choose ‘Google’ you’ll get the Google start page, and conversely if you choose ‘Yahoo!’ you’ll get the Yahoo! start page when you first open the browser. Again, you can change the start page to be blank or use some other search provider. These are just the new defaults.

It’s possible that additional search vendors may be added to the list – Bing anyone? – but it seems that for Lucid there will be at least the two mentioned above. Users who already run Ubuntu and are upgrading to Lucid, but don’t use Google won’t notice a difference, but they’re welcome to manually switch to the new Yahoo! search provider if they want to financially support the Ubuntu project that way.

No doubt this will cause some consternation within the Ubuntu community, as many find changes to “their” browser to be tantamount to breaking and entering their home. Indeed when these things were previously messed with there were a few heated complaints and reports of broken-ness.

Hopefully the dialog on this change will remain civil and, well.. lucid.

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  1. I am extremely disappointed by this move. Enough of Canonical gimmicks. Ubuntu is no longer that holier-than-thou OS. Maybe it should sell out to Microsoft or Apple now that values have taken a back seat.

    If you ask me, if Canonical were so desperate for funds, I am more than willing to put up Pepsi/Coca Cola wallpapers to help them do it. Canonical is trying to make this a no-big-deal kind of thingy. But I’m sure, like me many will now be questioning Ubuntu’s importance and its relevance to the development of Linux as an open-source OS, standing up tall inspite of pressures from giants like Microsoft and Apple.

    1. Canonical gimmicks? I fail to see how this is a gimmick and indeed can’t think of any other actions they have done that could be seen as gimmicks either. Maybe I’m to close to notice, enlighten me.

      As for ‘holier-than-thou’, I don’t think Ubuntu is, or indeed aspires to be that. It’s always shipped non-free binary blobs in the form of firmware (for example for DVB cards) and makes it easy to install non-free software. Surely Debian, gNewsense or Gentoo would be better with that moniker.

    1. :) i just like it : Who did ever think that this day will come.
      it seems that Microsoft will be paying people for using Ubuntu :D

    1. Seems a bit daft to me.

      The large majority of people use google as their search engine.

      If Canonical wants Ubuntu to continue to become more mainstream, a move like this isn’t going to help garner support. It fits with the ‘fugly’, ‘niche’, ‘odd’, stereotype that some people associate with a linux desktop.

      Rather than switch for them, it’s better to encourage people to make the switch themselves. This is the kind of behaviour that led people to hate Microsoft.

  2. Who cares what search engine a stupid browser within a stupid OS will use for search? NOBODY uses Linux. Linux is retarded, slow, fiddly and insecure! 99.999998999% of people in this planet use WIndows 7!!!! W7 IS AWESOME!!!!!

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  3. Who cares what search engine, a stupid copycat browser like FF within a stupid OS will use?NOBODY uses Linuxs.Linux is retarded, slow, fiddly and insecure!99.999998999% of people in this planet use WIndows 7!!!!W7 IS AWESOME!!!!!

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  4. Who cares what search engine, a stupid copycat browser like FF within a stupid OS will use?NOBODY uses Linux.Linux is retarded, slow, fiddly and insecure!99.999998999% of people in this planet use WIndows 7!!!!W7 IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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