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Mark Shuttleworth just gave his keynote speech at the Ubuntu Developer Summit. In it he talks about Ubuntu Light – the version of Ubuntu provided to OEMs which boots to the web in 7 seconds. With a new launcher and no file management, a fast-starting panel, ‘Unity’ is available in a ppa now.

Here’s the video that I recorded on my Kodak Zi8. It’s not fantastic quality, but good enough I hope 🙂

Mark also gave a Q&A session:-

Unity was designed for small screens and the goal for 10.10 is to bring that interface to the Ubuntu Netbook Edition. Unity can be downloaded from the Canonical DX Team.

There will be no ‘Systray’ support in Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10, and will likely use ConnMan for network connectivity. With a full screen interface which takes inspiration from touch devices and consoles. Unity was at least in part developed by David Siegel – the guy behind Gnome-Do. Unity will include the Panel, Indicators, Launcher and Dash.

Mark indicated that “Gnome Shell is for Desktop, Unity for Netbooks” and that all this should be stable for the next LTS release 12.04, but will be available for testing in the universe section of the repository in the releases between now and then.

Mark then went on to talk quite a bit about the Sound indicator and some of his plans. He hopes that by 12.04 you’ll be able to manage the sound settings of an automatically discoverable DNLA audio device easily and in the same way as you manage local sound devices. Further improvements in 12.04 including providing a single date/time management window/menu, and using Connection Manager for network management.

“The Perfect 10.10” as Mark describes it will consist of UNE, new icons, the new font and many other desktop improvements. Mark has now blogged about the session.

9 thoughts on “Ubuntu Developer Summit Keynote – Unity”

  1. Thanks for the update.

    I’m loving Ubuntu 10.04, Netbook edition anyway, it looks and performs great on my Dell Latitude 2100. Thank you for your work and thousand others for getting this release out. Let us make the next one better.

    indicator applet: is great but would like to be able to choose own email or webemail (eg gmail)
    tomboy: to start automatically only in the notification area.
    BTW: if you know how to do these two, can you let me know, thanks.

  2. Please, enconde the video in a lower resolution.

    People with slower internet connection want to watch it too.

  3. Is there any way you could offer a torrent file? I am having a very difficult time streaming the video.

    Thanks a lot!

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