Voting in a new Ubuntu Community Council Begins

The Ubuntu Community Council (CC) comprises a group of individuals from Canonical and the wider Ubuntu community. It’s the primary non-technical governance body for the Ubuntu project. I was fortunate enough to be nominated along with others and elected to the CC for a two year term. That two year term is now up and it’s time to vote in a new Community Council.

The current Community Council consists of myself, Benjamin Mako Hill, Daniel Holbach, Elizabeth Krumbach, Emmet Hikory, Mark Shuttleworth, Matthew East and Mike Basinger. It’s been great to work with such fantastic people, I’ve really enjoyed being part of the governance of Ubuntu, but I feel it’s time for me personally to move on and let others take the reins. As well as myself, Mike, Matt and Mako are also stepping down.

Very soon all Ubuntu Members will receive an email asking them to vote on who should become part of the new Community Council. It will look a bit like this (URL redacted).

If you are an Ubuntu Member and didn’t get the mail, check your spam folder, and if you think you were missed, contact Daniel Holbach.

Click the link in the mail. Don’t pass the mail on to other people, it’s unique to you. The page explains what to do. Simply place the nominees in order of preference from most preferred to least, and submit when you’re done.

Daniel and Lyz are standing again, and Mark has a special diamond encrusted permanent seat, so the line up for voting looks (in no particular order) like this:-

I wish them all good luck and to the elected ones, please take care of the Community many of us love.

Edit: It’s been pointed out that Emmet was previously on the CC and I didn’t mention him under the people standing again. He was previously chosen after someone else stepped down, and his term doesn’t yet expire. However we decided to force the vote again to avoid us having another vote later.

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