Python 2d Physics Libraries

I’ve been playing with the python-elements but it seems like the project is dead.

The upstream website has gone and the packages has had no updates for some time. I’d like to create a simple demo/game along the lines of some of the mini games you find in WarioWare on the Nintendo Wii. The Python Elements (and box2d) libraries seem to fit the bill but I don’t want to code using something that is going to disappear.

Suggestions for other libraries welcome.

Update: seems the python elements is maintained in debian, my mistake. Still keen to hear of libraries in this area.

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  1. How complex is the library? If it’s good, the easiest way may be to try to contact the maintainer and/or the packager, take ownership of the project and keep it alive. Good open source physics libraries are not easy to come by so it’d be a shame to lose a good one. I’d be happy to help if you wanted to do that.

      1. I suppose updating the web site in the package info would also help so that it doesn’t direct you to a URL that doesn’t exist anymore 🙂 And then making sure that Ubuntu has the latest version.

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