Looking for people to interview

On our little Ubuntu Podcast we like to interview people. We’ve interviewed over 100 people in the last 5½ years and are always looking for more people to talk to about the interesting stuff they’re doing. If you’re working on something that our ~6000 listeners might want to hear then please do get in touch via any of the methods listed on our podcast site.


We don’t limit ourselves to Ubuntu subject matter only. In the past we’ve interviewed people from ZorinOS, Crunchbang, Fedora, Centos and KDE. We also talk to people who aren’t necessarily part of the “Free Software Community” (whatever that is) such as game & web developers, freedom advocates and event organisers.

Basically we like talking to interesting people. However we don’t have our fingers on the pulse of everything cool and interesting (no matter how much we try) and we’re always looking for new people to talk to. So let us know if you would like us to talk about you and your stuff, we don’t bite.

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