Core Apps Hack Days Part 2

We had Great Success with our last set of Core Apps Hack Days back in July. We identified and fixed a bunch of bugs, and introduced enthusiastic new people to developing on Ubuntu.

Great Success!

So we’re running another set of hack days!

As we’re drawing closer to the Ubuntu Touch 13.10 release in October, we are tightly focused in getting the core functionality across all core apps ready for them to be of production-quality by release. We need to finish the Core Apps themselves and we’re also keen to get more people involved in the development of Core Apps, and apps in general on Ubuntu Touch.


We’re running the second set of Core Apps Hack Days between 2nd and 9th September, that’s next week. They run from 09:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC to cover as much of the planet as possible.

Myself, David Planella and Michael Hall will be on hand during the week to provide direction and help. We all have devices running Ubuntu Touch so can also test out fixes and provide feedback.

In a change to the previous hack days, we’re pairing applications on each day. This means we can get through all 12 apps in half the time, and each day people have a choice of which app to work on. There’s plenty to do!

Visit the Hack Days page on the Ubuntu Wiki for more details.

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