Ubuntu Touch Weather and Calendar Hack Day

This is the second in a series of blog posts highlighting the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps Hack Days we’re currently running. They run from Monday 2nd September till Monday 9th September 2013 and cover all 12 of the Core Apps. You’re welcome to join us in #ubuntu-app-devel on freenode IRC at any time to get involved. While we focus on two Core Apps per day, we clearly welcome contributions to any application at any time.

See also Ubuntu Touch Clock and Calculator Hack Day for more details.

Weather & Calendar

Tuesday 3rd September 2013 – Weather & Calendar


Weather App

Weather was one of the first four apps which the Canonical Design Team led the app design for. Along with Calculator, Calendar and Clock, Weather became one of the “Four C’s” (yes, we can’t spell). The community based team working on the app came up with a pluggable back-end so we could switch out one weather data provider for another if required. The design team iterated over the last few months and the developers responded rapidly, implementing the designs so we could quickly test and feedback to design.

There’s still a little work to do implementing the new scrolling mechanism for quickly moving between “now” and the following hours/days. We also need to see the final design assets land before release, and if there’s capacity we’d love to see the new GPS-based location-detection land in the app too. Of course there’s always bugs which can do with some attention!


Calendar App

Calendar has a very small but dedicated developer team! The Calendar app is one of the more complex apps with many users having a giant wishlist of what a Calendar app should do. We outlined a small but achievable set of functionality for the app and the design team have come up with some delightful visuals which are currently being implemented

As the calendar visuals arrived fairly late in the cycle, the developers are working hard to get them completed and would appreciate some help during this hack day (and beyond!). Out-standing items for today include implementing the final day and week views as seen above in the design link. Ideally we’d also like the final month and year views implemented. This will no doubt throw up some bugs which will also need attention.

If you’d like to help then follow the links above, and drop by #ubuntu-app-devel on freenode IRC to introduce yourself!

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