Ubuntu Touch File Manager and Music Hack Day

This is the third in a series of blog posts highlighting the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps Hack Days we’re currently running. They run from Monday 2nd September till Monday 9th September 2013 and cover all 12 of the Core Apps. You’re welcome to join us in #ubuntu-app-devel on freenode IRC at any time to get involved. While we focus on two Core Apps per day, we clearly welcome contributions to any application at any time.

See also my posts about Ubuntu Touch Clock and Calculator and Weather and Calendar Hack Days for more details.

Music & File Manager

Wednesday 4th September 2013 – File Manager & Music

File Manager

File Manager

File Manager is pretty much feature complete and has been for a while. A small dedicated and skilled community team worked well together over the early part of the development cycle to get the File Manager app done. File Manager is a great example of a QML Touch app which integrates a 3rd-party C++ backend, reusing the Folder List Model QML Plugin from the Nemo Mobile project.

The outstanding work for this app is to triage any outstanding bugs, and fix any high/critical priority ones.


Music App

Music wasn’t initially a Core App, but was added mid way through the cycle. Some community developers had independently started their own Ubuntu Touch Music apps, and rather than duplicate and fragment their work, we suggested they work together on the Core Music App. We were fortunate to get some input from the Canonical design team who have come up with some interesting design concepts. The Music app community developers are now hard at work implementing the designs and adding functionality to the app, so it’s still under heavy active development!


So for this hackday there’s quite a bit of work to do. This includes the new play queue UX, artist view, albums view & add the new player controls. If there’s time we’d also like to add support for the grilo media scanner and make it possible to play music in the background – a pretty crucial feature for many, which is dependant on some platform components. Of course once all that’s done, we’ll surely be managing newly found bugs which will need triaging and subsequent fixing.

If you’d like to help then follow the links above, and drop by #ubuntu-app-devel on freenode IRC to introduce yourself!

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