Ubuntu Reminders App Progress

During the 13.10 development cycle we worked with the community to create a set of Core Apps for Ubuntu Touch. This resulted in a set of apps delivered in the image we build every single day.

For the 14.04 cycle we’ve got more work to do! During his keynote, Mark Shuttleworth identified some areas of focus for the next 6 to 12 months. For the existing Core Apps we’ll be working on refinement, expansion, ensuring apps work in the sidestage and adapt accordingly when resized. We’ll also look at getting the Core Apps running on the tablet (Unity 8) and desktop (Unity 7).

In addition to those improvements and evolutions we’re also working on new apps for this cycle. David Planella has already blogged about the Reminders App (powered by Evernote), and I just wanted to post an update to that.

There’s been a flurry of activity on Reminders App over the last couple of weeks. We’ve started work on an backend which connects through the Online Accounts API to Evernote.

Evernote online account

Once authenticated to Evernote the app can access notes, notebooks and reminders stored in Evernote, and display them. We worked with the Canonical Design Team to come up with some draft wireframes for the various screens in the Reminders App. Some of the screens will require SDK changes because they introduce new design patterns which are still in progress.

The first of those are Notes & Notebooks views, both of which are still very much in progress, but the basics are working.

Notes view Notebook view

The reminders view is still in progress:-

Reminders view

It’s possible to navigate your notes and display them, and again this is in progress, but it’s exciting to see the basic display of notes working!

Display note

We’ve added Reminders App to our continuous integration setup which automatically builds click packages and Debian packages for the app and the plugins and runs tests before pushing the packages to our PPA.

Next we need to built the other views and start building the rest of the Reminders App. Part of that includes building a small team to create and maintain the Evernote API QML plugin as detailed in David’s blog post. I’ll be reaching out to some core apps developers to gauge interest, but volunteers always welcome, see David’s post for details.

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