Breaking my Crowdfunding Hiatus

Just days after blogging about My Crowdfunding Stats, I’ve broken my “no crowdfunding” streak of near 18-months by backing something small, but delightful!

Last night a tweet by Tom Brinton crossed my desk. Tom is creating a notebook in which every page is a procedurally generated portable dungeon crawler. The campaign is called “Tiny Paper Dungeons” and it runs until 2nd February 2021.


Tom has previously made a project in a similar vein called NUTRI-TRACK. Collectively these are “Paper Apps”, which I find engaging. Yes, I totally get that these are “just” pre-printed pads, I get it. But I love the whole concept of single purpose analog devices which drag us away from “smart” things now and then.


This also hits an intersection of interests for me. I’ve recently written about my love of (and problem with) paper notebooks. I also have a “problem” with games, and I love all things procedurally generated.


So backing this was a no-brainer. I backed at the 3-pad level, meaning I get 3 unique pads of procedurally generated “dungeons” to play. Thankfully plenty of others also liked the idea, so the project was easily fully funded in just 90 minutes! They’ve blown past £8000 in under 24 hours, with the potential to go much higher (according to Kicktraq).

If you’re interested in portable dungeon crawlers, and supporting indie makers, maybe take a look at the project page.