Great Timing

With a keen interest in all things “retro”, I’ve previously bought copies of Fusion Magazine, which I’ve enjoyed. Shortly after I blogged yesterday about The Best Portable Spectrum, I received a marketing email from Fusion Retro Books. With impeccable timing, they’re promoting a new Spectrum game, called Neadeital by Matt Birch.

Marketing email

They had me at the screenshot. I was a big fan of Tir Na Nog, Dun Durach (and Heavy on the Magick) as a kid. Neadeital is clearly inspired by those classic titles.

The game was promoted as part of a Kickstarter campaign for Crash Annual 2021 - Issue 101, which completely passed me by. So I was pretty happy to get the email and investigated further.


The game is being offered for sale for only £4.99 with that money going to Motor Neuron Disease Association. Sold! The digital download arrived immediately, and was promptly lobbed onto my SD card, ready for loading up on the DS I spoke about yesterday.

I love the loading screen, making great use of the vast colour pallete of the Spectrum.

Neadeital loading screen

The game uses the correct default keys of QAOPM for ⬆⬇⬅➡🔥. Conveniently ZXDS has a shortcut to map these to the D-pad and A button. So it’s super quick and easy to setup and get playing.


If you’re looking for a new game to play, and can spare the cash for a worthy charity, grab a copy from their website. If you don’t have a DS, don’t worry, you can load this on a real Spectrum too! I hear there are plenty of emulators if you’re not blessed with Sir Clive’s greatest hardware creation. 🙏