Migrating Two Factor Auth

I use a ton of services which either require or recommend 2fa as part of the authentication process. I used to use “Google Authenticator” then more recently “Authenticator Plus”. However Authenticator Plus seems to be no longer maintained. So while I have no problems with it, I think it is time to migrate to something else.

Step up, Aegis Authenticator, a free, open source authenticator app, available on the play store, and F-Droid.

Migration was a cinch! Aegis can import the password-protected zip file backup exports created by Authenticator Plus. What I did was open Authenticator Plus, go to Menu -> Settings -> Backup & Restore -> Export as Text and HTML. I entered a unique password, which is used to encrypt the zip file in which the backup is put. Once I clicked “Ok” I then found somewhere to stash the zip file.

Over in Aegis I went through the initial setup wizard, then use -> Settings -> Import from file -> Authenticator Plus. I’m then promted to find the zip file, enter the encryption password I used in the export step, and select which services to import, or import all.

That’s it, all done. A super smooth and simple process for migrating from one 2fa app to another. As a bonus there’s an aegis-icons repo which contains unofficial icons that can be attached to each service in Aegis.

Overall I’m very happy with the result.