Pro Breeze Air Fryer Review

Like many during The Event I bought an Air Fryer. Specifically I got the Pro Breeze XL 5.5L (affiliate link) from Amazon. I honestly didn’t do a tremendous amount of research, just reading a few reviews and using those as my basis for what to buy. The Pro Breeze models come in different sizes, and the reviews for the smaller model suggest the larger 5.5L one is preferable. I’m lucky enough to have enough kitchen workspace to leave it out on the side, so went for the larger model. It cost £89.99 and was delivered promptly.

Pro Breeze 5.5L

Setup was super-simple. Unpack, plug-in and done.

The controls are easy to use. Turn it on, dial in a temperature and timing, then hit start. Typically I’ll let it warm up for a few minutes, then chuck in whatever I’m cooking. Most recipes call for the contents to be shuffled, stirred or flipped during cooking, which is very easy. The basket is easily removed, shaken, stirred and re-inserted.

Once complete the Pro Breeze turns off, keeping the food nicely toasty inside until you’re ready. I tend to empty the food out and dump the basket in the sink for later washing. On that topic, it’s super easy to wash. The inner basket pops out of the outer one, and both can be washed in a sink.

It takes mere seconds to clean and dry it. The basket does take a lot of space up when draining on the rack, so I tend to wipe it down and slam it back in the machine promptly, just to get it out of the way. If you don’t have much space on the draining board, this might be worth considering.

I’ve had the Pro Breeze for nearly two months now, and I love it. I’ve tried a few recipies, mostly using it as a fast oven. Chicken wings, potato fries and sweet potato chips all cook quickly and easily in the large basket. I’ve also done a full roast chicken in it on one occasion. Everything cooks quickly and well through.

I have placed the Pro Breeze at the end of our kitchen, under a window, which I tend to open a little while the fryer is on. My good friend Will asked if the kitchen “smells like a chippy when it’s on”, and it can. Imagine blowing hot fat across food into an enclosed space, that smell is going to go somewhere. I find this is somewhat mitigated by the placement, something to consider if perhaps you have a small kitchen or lack airflow.

Of the recipes I’ve used the air fryer for, the two staples are sweet potato fries, and whole roast chicken. Both require near-zero prep, and result in perfectly cooked food I would cook over and over. That said, I’m keen to expand my repertoire and try out some more interesting things in there.

Overall I’m glad I bought an air fryer, and certainly happy with this one. While it takes up a fair amount of space, I use it so much - at least a few times a week - that it’s an essential item for me now. Not like the bread maker, pasta machine and fondue set, all consigned to the shelf of abandoned kitchen items.