Snapcraft Clinic

Snapcraft Clinic

At work we have a forum where developers can discuss packaging Linux applications, specifically as snaps. Sometimes developers just want to pair through a problem to get it either resolved for themselves, or for whatever is blocking to be handed off to the right people.

One strategy for supporting developers we found effective was via regular live video conference. So last year we started the Snapcraft Clinic. On a semi-regular basis we dedicate time to join with anyone who has technical issues with snapping, to help them.

It’s a professional, friendly session with experts on hand to debug and resolve software packaging issues.

We took a rather extended break over the Christmas holiday period, but we’re back with another Snapcraft Clinic this Friday, 26th February at 15:30 UK time. We sometimes move the meeting around to accomodate those in far flung timezones. For for those who cannot join, there’s always the asynchronous forum.

Check the Snapcraft Clinic thread for all the details. Maybe we’ll see you there, bring your snap packaging questions!