Back In The Studio

Last month I mentioned that myself, Mark and Martin have decided to come back for Season 14 of the Ubuntu Podcast. Well, we’re back today with S14E01, titled “Navy Chefs Remit”.

Over the thirteen years, the episode titles have had a theme in each season. We don’t reveal the theme, but let our listeners figure that out, for fun. Sometimes it has a bearing on the content of the episode, but often not.

Season One used Elvis Presley singles as titles, which I think was a nod to the fact that people used to tell me I look like Elvis. In Season Two we used Tony’s love of Doctor Who to give us episode titles.

I vaguely recall one year we used film names from the bottom 250 as rated on IMDB, but I don’t remember the others. I’ll let you figure out the rest - which is a lot easier to do when you see them in a list. Some of them are pretty obscure!

This year is no different in that we have a new episode title theme! I’ll be interested to see if anyone gets it after a few episodes, and pretty amazed if you do after just the first one.

We have been very lucky to have Bitfolk as a sponsor since the start. They’ve hosted the podcast on a VPS since the first episode. They’ve been wonderful. If you’re looking for a VPS provider with excellent service, and a strong moral compass, Bitfolk are where you should go.

We are also thankful to our donators who support production of the show via Patreon and PayPal. That allows us to pay for the services of Joe Ressington to produce the show. Without that money the show would almost certainly be late every week, and sound terrible.

As always you’re welcome to follow the @ubuntupodcast account on Twitter and on Mastodon (which is mostly just gated from Twitter, sorry).

We’re also on Telegram where we have a friendly bunch of people chatting about the podcast, biscuits, cats, dogs, tech, snaps, tea, coffee and whatever else is going on that day. Like the show, it’s intended to be Family Friendly and accessible. Maybe we will see you there.

Thanks for listening, if you do.