New Pastures

I tweeted back at the start of April that I’m moving on from Canonical/Ubuntu.

Well, I left on April 30th, have had two weeks of ‘funemployment’, and today I start my new gig.

I’m now Developer Advocate for Telegraf at InfluxData, and I couldn’t be more excited! 🎉


Telegraf is an Open Source “agent for collecting, processing, aggregating, and writing metrics.”. I’ll be working with the Telegraf team and wider community of contributors. You’ll likely find me in the Telegraf GitHub and on the InfluxData Community Slack!

In a bit of excellent timing, this week we’re running Influx Days - a virtual event focused on the impact of time series data. I’ll be learning along with everyone else who’s attending!

I’m really thrilled to be starting a new chapter in my career. Expect my blog posts to change direction a little from here on in.

However, some things don’t change. I already nuked Windows 10 from the company-supplied ThinkPad X1, and installed Kubuntu 21.04 instead. 🤓