Adding giscus Comments

My blog at has gone through a number of iterations since I started it back in the 1990’s. First it was created using Microsoft FrontPage, and hosted on some free web space at CiX, and has morphed into a self-hosted WordPress site, Nikola static site, and now a Hugo static site.

At various times I’ve had comment systems available underneath posts. Over the years I’ve used Microsoft FrontPage extensions (which, amusingly used to crash the entire Web Host at CiX back in the day), WordPress comments, and Disqus to facilitate visitor interaction. I’ve never really been happy with any of them, so I abandoned them all, their content lost to the mists of time - and possibly the Wayback Machine.

Sometimes, I kinda miss the comments under some articles I write. They can range from useful feedback, corrections, alternative solutions to straight-up abuse and spam. Isn’t the Internet marvellous!

I had a look around, and recently discovered giscus, a comment system which uses GitHub discussions for the backend, and integrates nicely with Hugo. So, starting today, underneath this (and every past post) you’ll find a reaction button and a comment box. Once (if) people start leaving reactions and comments, you’ll see them embedded in pages, as you’d expect, but you’ll also see them over on the blog discussions, where they’re actually held.

Neat. Let’s see how this works. Comments (and reactions) welcome. ;)