My 2023 podcast listening list

Podcast consumption

At the start of 2021, I wrote up my 2021 podcast listening list. In it, I categorised podcasts I listen to broadly as ‘Must listen’, ‘Regular listens’ and ‘Once in a while’.


Back then I was using PocketCasts on Android. The full list of subscriptions can be found here.

Android ➡️ iOS

In June 2022, I switched from Android to iOS as I moved from OnePlus 5 to iPhone 13 Mini as my primary device. During that migration I decided to use the built-in Apple Podcasts app rather than continue with PocketCasts. I couldn’t figure out how to migrate the subscriptions from PocketCasts to Apple Podcasts, so it’s a fresh start!

Apple Podcasts

Anyone know how to get the full list of subscribed shows out of Apple Podcasts?

Classification criteria

I thought I’d go through what I mostly listen to now. I know I’ve dropped some that I just don’t listen to anymore, and gained a few new shows to consume. Some have been running for a long while, I’m just new to them, others are new shows.

I’ll categorise them all as I did last time, broken down by the ones I listen to pretty much as soon as they come out - ‘Must listen’, shows I listen to most episodes of as ‘Regular listens’, and the rest as ‘Once in a while’. I’ve also added ‘Retired’ as a group of podcasts I don’t listen to anymore, and why.

I’ve also added a ⬆️ and ⬇️ to indicate which ones have moved up or down the list since last time I made it, and ⬅️ if the show is roughly the same status. The 🆕 button indicates podcasts that are new, or new to me, since last time.

Some podcasts got dropped from my listening rota because the BBC decided to make them “BBC Sounds exclusive”, or out earlier on Sounds before they were available on other platforms. This complete dick-move by the BBC means some time-sensitive shows had to be hunted down in a completely separate app. In general, I like the BBC, but this was a shitty move.

Disclaimer: Some podcasts are made by friends, so I’ve added a 🫶 to those ones.

Must listen

I thought I’d highlight the main podcasts I listen to, prioritised in order of which one I’d pick if they all released at the same time.

🆕 Linux Matters 🫶

Duh, you didn’t think I was going to make a podcast list and not put the show I’m in on it‽ Also, I do listen to this, before it goes out, to see if Joe made me sound great or not.

🆕 The Rest Is Politics

Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart discuss politics and news. I wouldn’t say I’m a superfan of either presenter, but I do enjoy hearing differing viewpoints. Especially from these two who have been around long enough to have the background to talk authoritatively on many subjects.

⬆️ LNL 🫶

One of the only shows to get me to shout at my phone when one of the presenters is wrong. Good work Félim.

⬅️ Accidental Tech Podcast

I’m no Apple fanboy, but I do own more Apple products than when I last made this list. Maybe they’re having an effect on me! However, the guys talk about other stuff like cars and TVs that I will never buy, but I do enjoy their perspectives.

⬅️ More or Less

I feel a little bit smarter after listening to an episode of More or Less. The episodes are short, well researched and educational.

🆕 For the Many

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss news and current events. Much like “The Rest Is Politics”, I enjoy this more because of the personalities and their opposing views than the content itself. They’re also an amusingly smutty pair at times!

🆕 The News Agents

More politics and current affairs! Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall are clearly knowledgeable and connected journalists. Spawned by the same production company as the BBC Newscast, the format is similar, and works well.

🆕 Robot or Not

These are easy listening and get me thinking. Jason asks John about the meaning and categorisation of words. John explains. Usually done in under 5 minutes. I like the way John explains things. I believe him, even if he’s completely wrong.

Regular listens

These are podcasts I tend to listen to every episode of, but typically after all the ones above, roughly in this order.

⬅️ The Infinite Monkey Cage

A little bit of science & comedy in my diet!

⬅️ Bad Voltage 🫶

My good friends Jono and Stuart are joined by some guy called Jeremy to discuss tech stuff. I have been a guest presenter a few times, and it’s just as fun and interesting to take part in as it is to listen to.

🆕 Linux Downtime 🫶

Another “Made by my friends” podcast where the hosts shoot the breeze in their downtime.

Once in a while

The ones I’ll listen to when all the above are exhausted. These are pretty much in priority order.

⬇️ FiveThirtyEight

I was a little sad when Nate left this show, but I do enjoy it still with Galen Druke presenting. I find it an interesting window on the world of US politics

⬇️ 2.5 Admins 🫶

I listen to this a bit less because I guess I’m not really target audience. I don’t use (or like) ZFS, I don’t work in DevOps and I don’t use BSD. Interesting hearing their experience on tech stuff (like security) in the news though.

🆕 The Briefing Room

David Aaronovitch gets to the heart of the matter in these focused podcasts.

🆕 Hacking your ADHD

This one was recommended by a medical professional. I’ve only recently added it to my list, so it hasn’t become a regular listen yet, but might do.

⬇️ Ubuntu Security Podcast

I dip into this one now and then, as there specific security topics I’m interested in. As I’m not a security professional, a bunch of it goes over my head. But Alex does a great job of explaining things in a way I think I understand. There were a few shows with guest presenters for whom English isn’t their first language. I have difficulty with understanding people with strong accents, so dipped out for a bit during that period. But it’s a good show in general.

⬅️ Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast

This is a very seldom listen. It grates on me that the co-presenters talk over eachother, and interrupt one another a LOT. I like listening to Marques (when he doesn’t edit audio to sound like he’s interrupting himself) but the other guys get on my tits pretty quickly.

🆕 Full Disclosure with James O’Brien

If James is interviewing someone interesting, these can be great. He lets guests have the space to talk at length, which I enjoy.

⬇️ Chopper’s Politics

It’s mildly amusing to listen to right-wing nutters try to justify their actions, or those of their leaders. Not super healthy, I know. Probably why it’s down so low in the list.


Shows I just don’t listen to for some (specified) reason or another.

⬇️ Linux Action News

I’ve stopped listening to all Jupiter Broadcasting shows. The crypto / boosts / podcast 2.0 just got too much.

⬇️ This Week in Virology

I listened to TWiV heavily during The Event, but don’t feel the need to keep up with virology much anymore.

⬇️ Adam Buxton

Adam does do interesting chats with people, and I love his jingles. But I found fewer and fewer people I’m interested in hearing about, sadly.

⬇️ Going Linux

I think I probably just forgot to subscribe to this one during the migration. While I used to enjoy listening sometimes, I don’t think the content is for me, and I don’t have the time to fit it in.

The rest

The rest of them, I listen to when I have nothing else to consume.

Did I miss any I should listen to? Tell me in the comments, or reply to me on socials. Fanks.