Thanks, Mastodon contributors

I run a small Mastodon instance for Ubuntu Members and related projects. If you’re a contributing Ubuntu Member, then you can have a free account on the site.

It’s been running without tremendous issues for nearly a year now. Each time a new release of Mastodon appears, I dutifully follow the guides to upgrade it.

Each upgrade requires me to ensure the backups are functioning then follow the precise steps in the release notes. That’s usually just running a few commands to get the latest release, update dependencies, and restart everything. It’s very straightforward and usually takes only a few minutes.

Today, Mastodon 4.2.0 was released. I followed the upgrade guide, as usual, and it all worked, as usual. As 4.2.0 is a more significant release, there were some additional steps. These were called out in the notes and were not hard to follow.

There was honestly nothing alarming to report so far. I want to thank the Mastodon developers and the community of adventurous individuals & groups who are happy to do pre-release testing.

May we continue to have reliable upgrades and documentation long into the future!