1972 vintage human meatbag. By day I work as a Director of Developer Relations, at Anchore. By night I’m a married dad to two amazing kids. I also like cats, but really want a dog.


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Personal Projects

Some current, past and maybe future projects of mine:

In use

Projects I actively work on.


Things I plan to do something with, but haven’t quite got to yet.


Projects I probably should retire.


Retired projects.

  • https://tipcast.org/ - a podcast project that never happened, but might, who knows!?
  • https://ubuntuupdate.com/ - was used for a podcast
  • https://ubuntupodcast.org/ - A podcast, about Ubuntu (mostly) which I present with Mark and Martin.
  • https://havethebuttonsmovedbackyet.com/ - This was a little poke at people who complained bitterly when we moved the window controls from the right to the left of the window, in Unity. I made this site which had “No” on it until 2017 when we switched to GNOME Shell and with it, the window controls moved back. Hence the screenshot on the site now.

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