Here’s some links to things I use, like or made.

This page will grow over time as I remember to put stuff here.



Software I like to use on my laptops and desktops.


I run stuff on a server or Pi at home or on a remote server somewhere.

  • Ubuntu: Linux for server beings.
  • The Lounge: Web based IRC client.
  • FR24: I share data about planes flying over my house with FlightRadar.
  • ADS-B One: I also send data about planes flying overhead to this community-run service.
  • get-iplayer: Download TV and radio programmes from BBC iPlayer.
  • Discourse: Great web forum software.
  • Mastodon: I run this on Ubuntu Social.
  • Plex: Where I store interesting audio & video files.
  • Borg: I use Borg on most machines to backup files to a central location.


Stuff I run on a phone. I have a ton of applications installed on my phone, and these are just a few notable items .

  • Street Complete: Friendly interface to fix Open Street Map issues.
  • Be My Eyes: Help people with restricted vision to see the world around them.
  • FluffyChat: Client for Matrix chat.
  • Ice Cubes: Mastodon client for iOS.
  • ISS Spotter: Find out when the International Space Station flies over.


A selection of software I’ve packaged up as a snap to make it easier to install.

  • Azimuth: A metroidvania with vector graphics
  • b2: BBC Micro Emulator
  • ClassiCube: Minecraft classic-like game, optimised for potatoes.
  • Defold: Game development platform.
  • Dog: A command-line DNS client.
  • DOSBox-Staging: Open Source PC/MS-DOS emulator
  • fab-agon-emulator: Agon Light, Agon Light 2, Agon Console8 Emulator
  • iamb: A command-line Matrix client.
  • Libation: A tool to liberate your audio books from Amazon’s Audible.
  • Mindustry: A sandbox tower defense (sic) game.
  • Pencil: Sketching and GUI prototyping/wireframing tool.
  • Pioneer: A space adventure game set in the Milky Way galaxy at the turn of the 31st century.
  • Spot: GTK Spotify client.
  • Telegram Asahi: Telegram desktop app, compiled for aarch64, optimised for Asahi Linux.
  • Toot: Command-line Mastodon client
  • Twine: A tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.
  • X16emu: Emulator for the Commander X16 computer.

Some of which need work!

  • Bombsquad: Needs updating - libc errors due to conflicts between upstream binary build and what’s in the snap
  • Bandwhich: Needs debugging
  • emoj: Needs updating, build fails
  • git-repo: Needs updating
  • hdrview: Build fails due to something missing at bitbucket
  • KeeperRL: Build fails - theoradec missing
  • ncspot: Needs updating, 1.0 crashes due to permissions missing on proc mountinfo
  • spek: Needs updating to core24, as required libavcodec59
  • vokoscreenng: Needs updating to core22, but Qt 6.2.4 - > needs Qt 6.5
  • warpinator: Needs updating, doesn’t actually work yet
  • zzt: Broken audio (alsa, ugh)

Some are private, for some reason.

  • synSpades - abandoned upstream
  • ephemeral - abandoned upstream


I listen to a bunch of podcasts. I have curated this list, which changes frequently. My actual subscription list is much longer, but there’s a lot I almost never listen to.

They’re roughly sorted in order of personal preference.


Channels run by individuals or organisations where I may enjoy some content.

Retro Tech

Modern Tech

  • Theo: Interesting developer perspectives.
  • MKBHD: Anything which isn’t a phone review is usually good.

Politics / News

I’m a left-leaning centrist Dad.




  • Internet Today: US slanted weird, entertainment, tech and politics news.

Urban Exploration

  • Beno: Someone with a healthy obsession with lifts.
  • IKS Exploration: Beardy man who goes outside.

Camping & Travel


  • CarWow: I love their reviews of cars I will never buy.
  • Aging Wheels: Weird and wonderful motor vehicles.


This space intentionally left blank

Hardware Repair


Hate Watching

A group of channels that grind my gears, but my brain likes to watch them (sometimes). I should probably unsubscribe from these.

  • Ashley Neal: Driving instructor who is patronisingly often wrong.
  • CyclingMikey: That guy who catches people on their phone while driving.
  • Computer Clan: Used to make fun retro tech videos, now mostly predictable scam videos.
  • Karl Jobst: Used to have fun speedrun videos, now mostly hyped legal arguments.

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