Tuesday is Snappy Playpen Day


For some weeks now on the Ubuntu Community Team we've been setting aside Tuesdays as Taco "Snappy Playpen" Tuesdays.

Join us on Tuesday 6th September 2016 in #snappy on freenode IRC or on Gitter.

The general goal of the Snappy Playpen is simple:-

  • Create snaps for a broad range of interesting, popular, or fun applications, games and utilities for desktop, IoT and Server
  • Exercise & improve Snapcraft and snapd on multiple Linux distros
  • Answer questions from Snappy users and developers

This week we're focusing on the following, but welcome all contributions, as always:-

  • Fixing issues with existing playpen items
  • Work through backlog of pull requests
  • Create snaps for our Core Apps for the desktop, focused on Dekko, Terminal, Doc Viewer, File Manager and the Libertine GUI
  • Answer questions in questions
  • Help developers in #snappy and Gitter

We use GitHub and CodeReviewHub to manage the development of our snaps.

See you there! :D


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