Coffee Overload

Only weeks ago, I blogged about Trying Proper Coffee. Well, I tucked into the Lavazza (affiliate link) and ran out this week! I only bought the Lavazza because I recognised the brand, and needed something to drink. With me running low, I wanted to get suggestions for what to try next on my coffee journey. So I put the call out to “Coffee Twitter”! Oh no! Running low! ☕ Dear UK Coffee twitter. [Read More]

Trying 'Proper' Coffee

I’m not a fussy eater, I’ll eat pretty much whatever is put in front of me. I used to quip that the only thing I wouldn’t eat is celery, but even that now features on my plate now and then. It’s an especially good vehicle for getting melted cheese into my gob. Being an unfussy eater means I’m also a pretty unfussy drinker. “I fancy a coffee!” at home usually results in a spoon of instant coffee granules, sugar or sweetener, milk and hot water being mixed in a cup and guzzled shortly after. [Read More]