Every cellphone I have owned

Time for a listicle! I’ve felt the need to list (almost) every mobile phone that I can remember owning and using, ever. There’s at least one missing from the list. My stupid old brain won’t let me recall the niche brand of phone I bought some years back. It’ll come to me one day. There’s a table below with some of the interesting manufacturers specs, and further down are some rambling memories from my experience of owning the various devices. [Read More]

My Least Used Favourite App

I have so many applications on my Android Phone, I’ve lost count. Too many chat apps, multiple web browsers, tons of games, and other garbage. However, there’s one app, which is one of my favourites while probably being the least used application. It doesn’t technically benefit me at all, but is useful to others, when I use it. The app in question is “Be My Eyes”. It’s available for Android and iOS, and is very easy to setup. [Read More]

Migrating Two Factor Auth

I use a ton of services which either require or recommend 2fa as part of the authentication process. I used to use “Google Authenticator” then more recently “Authenticator Plus”. However Authenticator Plus seems to be no longer maintained. So while I have no problems with it, I think it is time to migrate to something else. Step up, Aegis Authenticator, a free, open source authenticator app, available on the play store, and F-Droid. [Read More]