Book Review: We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

I recently reviewed Split Second (Split Second Book 1) (affiliate link) by Douglas E. Richards. I’d not read any Douglas E. Richards books before, so it was very helpful to me for readers of my humble blog to recommend that and further titles from other authors. We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (affiliate link) by Dennis E. Taylor was highly recommended, and delivered. We Are Legion (We Are Bob) was published back in 2016, so as usual I’m very late to the party. [Read More]

Book Review: Split Second

As I mentioned in a previous book review, I’m a bit of a fan of time travel fiction. So after reading and enjoying Off to Be the Wizard (affiliate link) by Scott Meyer. the AI fed me My friend Marian on Telegram recommended Split Second (Split Second Book 1) (affiliate link) by Douglas E. Richards. The premise revolves around a time-travel capability which can only send things back in time a split second (hence the title) rather than the weeks or years that other science fiction in the genre tend to exploit for their storyline. [Read More]

Book Review: UnPresidented

I recenlty finished reading listening to Jon Sopel’s book, “UnPresidented: Politics, Pandemics and the Race That Trumped All Others” (affiliate link). I have enjoyed Jon’s reporting over the years for the BBC, but this is the first of his books I’ve picked up. I grabbed it as an audio book because I’m a terrible reader. It was narrated by the author, which made it all the more appealing for me as I find Jon pleasing to listen to. [Read More]

Book Review: Off to Be the Wizard: Magic 2.0, Book 1

I don’t read anywhere near enough books. Since The Event though, I’ve been walking more, and as I mentioned in my AirDots review, I enjoy reading listening to books as I walk. I’m a massive time travel fiction fan. There’s rarely a film with a time travel element that I’m not a fan of. The whole concept of re-writing history, broken timelines, butterfly effects and incongruity enthralls me. I’m not sure how I discovered Off to Be the Wizard (affiliate link) by Scott Meyer, but it’s been on my Audible wishlist for a few months. [Read More]