Kingdom Rush

Last week I posted about my guilty collection of unplayed games in Digital Hoarding: Gaming Edition. In short, I have a ton of games I’ve bought over the years and never played, even once. I set myself an internal goal to play more of the games I already have, and reign in my game purchasing. I used the dynamic collection feature of Steam to show me the unplayed games, sorted by their steam review score. [Read More]

Breaking my Crowdfunding Hiatus

Just days after blogging about My Crowdfunding Stats, I’ve broken my “no crowdfunding” streak of near 18-months by backing something small, but delightful! Last night a tweet by Tom Brinton crossed my desk. Tom is creating a notebook in which every page is a procedurally generated portable dungeon crawler. The campaign is called “Tiny Paper Dungeons” and it runs until 2nd February 2021. Tom has previously made a project in a similar vein called NUTRI-TRACK. [Read More]

Digital Hoarding: Gaming Edition

Another in a series of “I have identified a problem here!”. I appear have quite a few video games. More than I can probably play in my time left on Earth. Let’s set aside all the retro games I have for a moment, and consider only the ones that run on my primary computer, a PC. To be clear, I’m only talking about ’native’ games. Aside: I hate the word ’native’ in this context, because what’s native? [Read More]

Ouya was a Success

On 11th July 2012, the Ouya burst onto the scene via popular crowdfunding site - Kickstarter. It was billed as “A New Kind of Video Game Console” which sold for $99/£99 at launch. It was essentially an Nvidia Tegra 3 based ARM System on Chip crammed into a tiny box which sat under / near your TV and was operated with supplied bluetooth game controllers. They far exceeded the target of $950,000, reaching $8,596,474, setting some high expectations among the backers and interested onlookers. [Read More]