Thanks, Mastodon contributors

I run a small Mastodon instance for Ubuntu Members and related projects. If you’re a contributing Ubuntu Member, then you can have a free account on the site. It’s been running without tremendous issues for nearly a year now. Each time a new release of Mastodon appears, I dutifully follow the guides to upgrade it. Each upgrade requires me to ensure the backups are functioning then follow the precise steps in the release notes. [Read More]

Simple RSS Mastodon Bot

Linux Matters I recently started presenting Linux Matters podcast with my friends Martin Wimpress and Mark Johnson. In episode 4 (that link will only work once the episode is released) I briefly talked about some simple bots I setup on the Ubuntu Social Mastodon instance (which, incidentally I talked about in episode 1). This blog post accompanies episode 4. Linux Matters is part of the Late Night Linux (LNL) family. If you support us on the LNL Patreon, you’ll often get the episode delivered early, as well as advert free. [Read More]

Find Your Twitter Friends on Mastodon

Depending on who you speak to, Twitter is (or isn’t) in turmoil, and Mastodon is (or isn’t) here to supplant (or backup (or not)) the “de facto town square”. Whether any of that is true or not, there’s been a surge in people signing up, and trying out the Mastodon experience. (via this tweet) For those who aren’t familiar with all this, learn more about Mastodon over at the friendly-looking main Join Mastodon site. [Read More]

Mastodon Instances, Everywhere

Mastodon is interesting. It’s “free and open-source software for running self-hosted social networking services.”. To any normal personal that’s “Open Source Twitter”, largely. Anyone can grab the code and spin up their own Mastodon instance. I put one up a year or so ago, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time or resources to maintain it, so I shut it down. Maybe it will return. Currently I’m using the instance, so that makes me https://mastodon. [Read More]