Dry January 2021

January 2021 was my first intentional Dry January - a month-long annual alcoholic abstinence. After the typical excess of Christmas, Dry January can make for a good mind & body rest and recuperation. Personally I sleep better, get up more refreshed in the morning and feel a bit more “with it” when I’m not drinking. I wouldn’t say I drink heavily, most of the time, but I imagine many people who drink feel the same way. [Read More]

Some wierd bloke spoke to me on the train

That would be me. I’ve started speaking to strangers more. Here’s what’s happened so far. A couple of weeks ago I spoke to a guy standing on the concourse at London Waterloo station. He was standing with an electrically powered bike. When I approached him and asked what it was, how it worked and so on, he seemed somewhat taken aback. After telling me all about the bike and his adventures on it we moved on to talk about Brookwood Cemetary and the special train that used to take the dead and mourners there from London. [Read More]