Perfect Poached Eggs

It’s late in the day and I didn’t have an idea for a blog post. To the rescue comes my good friend Stuart Langridge with this request for advice… Reading about poached eggs for breakfast, and there appear to be many holy wars over whether the water should be spinning in a whirlpool, whether there should be vinegar, whether to put the eggs in ramekins first. Are these things superstitions or real? [Read More]

Deliciously Easy Chicken Wings Recipe

I like chicken wings. I really like chicken wings. Before The Event, when I used to travel internationally, often to the USA, I’d frequently partake of some delicious wings. On one notable occasion in California, I think I had chicken wings every day for a week, from different restaurants. I like them a lot. Ideally I feel chicken wings should be slathered in some kind of sauce, I’m not picky, there’s room for many sauces in this world. [Read More]