Mix and Match Rocketbooks

Last month I ‘discovered’ Rocketbooks. Well, now I’m in deep! I’ve picked up a bunch of coloured pens, a large folio cover for the full size Rocketbook, and now, I’ve grabbed some more! Wait! Surely the point of Rocketbooks is that they’re re-usable, so you don’t need to buy many of them. Yeah, true. However, as they’re not super expensive, I can actually leave one at my work desk upstairs for business-related things, and another downstairs in the kitchen. [Read More]

Discovering Rocketbooks

A few weeks days ago (it seems like longer at this rate) I blogged about my problem with notebooks. I was on the verge of buying an epaper writing device - likely a Remarkable 2 as I published it. Within a few minutes, in the Ubuntu Podcast Telegram channel, Dalton Durst of UBPorts fame, gave me pause for thought. Put simply Rocketbooks are notepads with erasable not-quite-paper and not-quite-whiteboard material. During the conversation Dalton shared this photo of his books in use. [Read More]