Migrating Two Factor Auth

I use a ton of services which either require or recommend 2fa as part of the authentication process. I used to use “Google Authenticator” then more recently “Authenticator Plus”. However Authenticator Plus seems to be no longer maintained. So while I have no problems with it, I think it is time to migrate to something else. Step up, Aegis Authenticator, a free, open source authenticator app, available on the play store, and F-Droid. [Read More]

Password reset policy

At work people often come up to my desk and ask if they can get their password reset. I usually do this and tell them their new password. I’ve decided I’m missing a trick here. What I now do is this. User: "Please reset my password" Me: "Sure" *tapety* *tap* *tap* Me: "Right, your password is 'ubuntu'" User: "Huh?" Me: "Here, take this, it will help you" I hand them an Ubuntu CD pack. [Read More]