Mastodon Instances, Everywhere

Mastodon is interesting. It’s “free and open-source software for running self-hosted social networking services.”. To any normal personal that’s “Open Source Twitter”, largely. Anyone can grab the code and spin up their own Mastodon instance. I put one up a year or so ago, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time or resources to maintain it, so I shut it down. Maybe it will return. Currently I’m using the instance, so that makes me https://mastodon. [Read More]

TikTok for Breakfast

TikTok - the popular social video platform - is my new recipe discovery engine of choice. When bored or idle I might browse through my “For You” page until I stumble upon a recipe. I’ll then like (❤️) or bookmark (🔖) and come back to it later. Yes, that’s right boomer, I’m explaining TikTok to you in a blog, like from 2004. See, the thing is, I really love TikTok, despite being outside their likely target demographic. [Read More]

13th Twitter-versary

I woke up this morning to a notification injected into my timeline in the Twitter app. Apparently it’s my “Twitter anniversary” which I can “celebrate” by tweeting out a pre-made picture of the number 13. That’s too easy. Instead I recently downloaded my Twitter data. Let me be self-indulgent and take a look and see what happened over those 13 years. For those who haven’t tried downloading their Twitter data, what you get is a browseable archive with a summary front page. [Read More]