Find Your Twitter Friends on Mastodon

Depending on who you speak to, Twitter is (or isn’t) in turmoil, and Mastodon is (or isn’t) here to supplant (or backup (or not)) the “de facto town square”. Whether any of that is true or not, there’s been a surge in people signing up, and trying out the Mastodon experience. (via this tweet) For those who aren’t familiar with all this, learn more about Mastodon over at the friendly-looking main Join Mastodon site. [Read More]

13th Twitter-versary

I woke up this morning to a notification injected into my timeline in the Twitter app. Apparently it’s my “Twitter anniversary” which I can “celebrate” by tweeting out a pre-made picture of the number 13. That’s too easy. Instead I recently downloaded my Twitter data. Let me be self-indulgent and take a look and see what happened over those 13 years. For those who haven’t tried downloading their Twitter data, what you get is a browseable archive with a summary front page. [Read More]

Downloading Twitter Data or Not

Bit of a rant, sorry. I’m trying to download my data from Twitter. I login via the web page, find the place to do this, note its says I’ll get an “archive of your data we think is most important to you”. Uh-huh, you think. Then click the button. It takes a day to build that archive, and you’re not allowed to ask for it again for 30 days. Next day I get a notification so I can download it. [Read More]