ZeroTier is my personal VPN

Back in July, Martin introduced us to ZeroTier on the Linux Matters podcast, episode 8. He detailed why he’s using the tool and how. Worth a listen. Per their website, ZeroTier “lets you build modern, secure multi-point virtualized networks of almost any type. From robust peer-to-peer networking to multi-cloud mesh infrastructure, we enable global connectivity with the simplicity of a local network.” Interesting marketing, but do I need this though? [Read More]

Digital Hoarding: Gaming Edition

Another in a series of “I have identified a problem here!”. I appear have quite a few video games. More than I can probably play in my time left on Earth. Let’s set aside all the retro games I have for a moment, and consider only the ones that run on my primary computer, a PC. To be clear, I’m only talking about ’native’ games. Aside: I hate the word ’native’ in this context, because what’s native? [Read More]

Building Apps for Linux without Linux

It’s now super easy to build Linux software packages on your Windows laptop. No VM required, no need for remote Linux hosts. I spend a lot of my day talking to developers about their Linux software packaging woes. Many of them are using Linux desktops as their primary development platform. Some aren’t, and that’s their (or their employers) choice. For those developers who run Windows and want to target Linux for their applications, things just got a bit easier. [Read More]

More busted computers fixed

This is a long post which started life as a letter to my Dad explaining what I had done to fix his broken computer. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to paste it in here. My Dad dropped off his PC to me. It’s an ASUS motherboard based generic PC with a 1GHz CPU, 256MiB RAM, 30GB and 40GB disks, and a CD burner. It has a Matrox 450 video card, a Pinnacle DV500 ieee1394 capture card, a sound card, some USB ports and a PCI modem. [Read More]