Silly brain

A re-enactment of an event yesterday evening. I was just leaving an online game when I noticed a conversation among the Late Night Linux Telegram group about printing. One person quipped that people don’t print much anymore. Someone else suggested that they print more these days than they used to. My brain saw this and thought “Huh, I wonder how many pages my printer has completed in its lifetime. I imagine that’s easy to find out. [Read More]

Building Apps for Linux without Linux

It’s now super easy to build Linux software packages on your Windows laptop. No VM required, no need for remote Linux hosts. I spend a lot of my day talking to developers about their Linux software packaging woes. Many of them are using Linux desktops as their primary development platform. Some aren’t, and that’s their (or their employers) choice. For those developers who run Windows and want to target Linux for their applications, things just got a bit easier. [Read More]